[Foundation] membership, money, and meritocracy

Dave Smith dizzyd at jabber.org
Sat Apr 5 23:01:56 CST 2003

On Saturday, Apr 5, 2003, at 14:29 America/Denver, Shawn Wilton wrote:

> You ever read a science journal?  They have these things called 
> abstracts.  This may only be email, but if you wish your words to be 
> truly effective in the audience they're intended to reach then you 
> need to paraphrase your 1000+ word email in a few key sentences at the 
> top.  I'm not going to read every email to the end.  I don't have that 
> much time.  I already spend 3+ hours a day reading email.  I don't get 
> paid to use jabber, I don't get paid to develop with jabber and I 
> don't get paid to advocate jabber.  What I do I do only because I like 
> jabber and I wish to continue to see it evolve.  So for someone who 
> gets paid to use and develop with jabber something along the lines of 
> "Freedom requires eternal vigilance", and to be a member you must read 
> a lot of email is, simply put a crock of shit.
> Nothing personal.

For the record, I _don't_ get paid to participate in the JSF -- I do so 
on my time. I've been participating in this community, and dealing with 
the volumes of email it generates since before there were ANY companies 
that worked on Jabber.

Looking back at the logo issue that bothered you so, the email noting 
that the vote would happen wasn't more than a page, and you had two 
full days to read it. Please don't complain about long emails unless 
they really are long. Most of the emails on the Jabber lists tend 
towards 1-2 pages. Only the really technical ones go over that.


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