[Foundation] membership, money, and meritocracy

Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Sat Apr 5 23:04:36 CST 2003

Dave Smith wrote:
> On Saturday, Apr 5, 2003, at 14:18 America/Denver, Shawn Wilton wrote:
>> This is an awful idea.  Who's going to judge the 80 some members for 
>> their contributions?  I've been a part of this community since it 
>> began.  I started by running the first OpenBSD based Jabber server, 
>> then began work on my own client Shagger/Shaolo and eventually took 
>> over work on Jabberbeans.  Nothing personal but if someone says that I 
>> need to redeem myself because I've chosen to lurk no the lists then 
>> you can kiss my cherry red ***.
> Again, lurking != right to decide on protocol/logos/etc. The only people 
> who should have input into what Jabber is today, are those people who 
> are building it for tomorrow. Note, not all those people are developers 
> -- but ALL of them are active, vocal contributors.

There's nothing wrong with lurking.  I don't care to do marketing. 
Others do.  I'm not going to contribute on that front.  I contribute 
code and that I haven't had time for because of school and 4 jobs.  Rent 
isn't cheap.  My past contributions however should more than make up for 
any time I choose to use lurking.  This applies to many other people as 

> As for who would judge the "fitness" of people for membership, I say 
> that there are lots of well qualified people -- Peter St. Andre, Iain 
> Shigeoka, Peter Millard, Ryan Eatmon, Matthew Miller, Marco Palombi, 
> Russell Davis, just to name a few. There are people here who have been 
> here since the "beginning" who have NOT lurked -- they have EARNED, by 
> their blood, sweat, tears, and money (Mountain Dew isn't free you know) 
> the right to decide who gets to contribute/vote on protocol, logos, and 
> anything else which affects the JSF.

Partially agreed.  There are people that have managed to stick around 
the whole time.  Those people you mentioned are also full timers.  PSA 
is funded by J inc. to work on Jabber material, Ian Shigeoka is part of 
a company that funds Jabber work.  PGM is part of J. Inc, Marco Palombi 
is Tipic.  You're right.  These people are fit to judge, and they have 
been around for some time.  On the flip side they also get paid to deal 
in Jabber.  There are plenty of people out there however that make 
Jabber their hobby and don't get paid for their work.  People such as 
myself, Dan Chote, Edrin, Sebastiaan, etc.  Some of these people slip in 
and out time permitting.  I could contribute a hell of a lot more were I 
in the position to. I know this applies to many other important 
contributors of the community.

If you are saying that they would not be fit because they don't choose 
to constantly participate then i think you would be losing a VERY 
valuable portion of this community.

> I'm freakin tired of JSF members whining about being left out of the 
> process or being booted out. 90% of the people who don't want to see the 
> JSF become a meritocracy are those who have done NOTHING to earn the 
> right to participate.

Don't much care.  People are allowed to voice their oppinions as much as 
they like.

> Diz
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