[Foundation] membership, money, and meritocracy

Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Sun Apr 6 00:11:26 CST 2003

Peter G. Millard wrote:

>Shawn Wilton wrote:
>>Dave Smith wrote:
>>>As for who would judge the "fitness" of people for membership, I say
>>>that there are lots of well qualified people -- Peter St. Andre, Iain
>>>Shigeoka, Peter Millard, Ryan Eatmon, Matthew Miller, Marco Palombi,
>>>Russell Davis, just to name a few. There are people here who have
>>>been here since the "beginning" who have NOT lurked -- they have
>>>EARNED, by their blood, sweat, tears, and money (Mountain Dew isn't
>>>free you know) the right to decide who gets to contribute/vote on
>>>protocol, logos, and anything else which affects the JSF.
>>Partially agreed.  There are people that have managed to stick around
>>the whole time.  Those people you mentioned are also full timers.  PSA
>>is funded by J inc. to work on Jabber material, Ian Shigeoka is part of
>>a company that funds Jabber work.  PGM is part of J. Inc, Marco
>>Palombi is Tipic.  You're right.  These people are fit to judge, and
>>they have been around for some time.  On the flip side they also get
>>paid to deal in Jabber.  There are plenty of people out there however
>>that make
>>Jabber their hobby and don't get paid for their work.  People such as
>>myself, Dan Chote, Edrin, Sebastiaan, etc.  Some of these people slip
>>in and out time permitting.  I could contribute a hell of a lot more
>>were I in the position to. I know this applies to many other important
>>contributors of the community.
>Just for the record, the work I do for the JSF with except for weekly
>meetings that occur during business hours, I do on my own time. Same goes
>for Exodus, JabberCOM, and Winjab. The work I do for Jabber, Inc. is all
>commercial development that almost never impacts the work I do in my own
>Also, for what it's worth, there have been occasions in the past where the
>old "core" group of developers would fly places on their OWN dime to hold
>meetings and stuff. We've sunk personal finances into the well-being of the
>jabber community. Don't try to pawn us off as commercial "puppets". It's
>offensive to say least.
That's not what I was trying to say.

>Jabber _IS_ my hobby... it just also happens to be what I work on @ my day
>job. Also, FWIW, It wasn't always the case. My involvement in jabber began
>before there was a Jabber, Inc, before there was a JSF. Hell, it began
>before there was jdev at conference.jabber.org.
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