[Foundation] membership, money, and meritocracy

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Sun Apr 6 17:50:42 CDT 2003

> 1.  I don't agree that the JSF should exist to lead.  That's the 
> intention of the council.  If this is NOT the intention of the council 
> then I propose the council be abolished.

I think a few people have a slightly skewed idea of what the Council
exists for. The Council's role is to provide technical direction to the
community. It is not involved with any other aspects of the JSF
(marketing, compliance, accounting, etc).

The role of the JSF should be (IMO) to provide leadership and direction
for the community as a whole. This isn't limited to the technical

> 2.  Council exists to foster ideas.  If people go ahead and just vote 
> +1, who cares?  What does it hurt?  People join to influence things they 
> are interested in.  Please explain how it hurts anything having so 
> called dead weight?  I'm confused.  Where's the harm? 

It hurts when people who have never contributed anything and have never
cared about a voice in the past suddenly appear out of nowhere and throw
their weight around. This isn't fair to the people who work hard and
contribute a lot of time and energy.

> 3.  If you truly think that a tighter group would reduce bickering then 
> I would also have to disagree.  It's not going to reduce the bickering 
> but rather make it more intense.  3 people with 3 different ideas will 
> argue more intensely than a group of 10 people with 3 ideas as the 3 
> ideas can be voted on. 

I disagree. My experience has been the a tight, focused group with a
specific direction and goal will always put their personal feelings
aside if it means getting to the goal a little sooner.

> By the way, this isn't intended to be a flame of any degree, if you see 
> it that way, then please discard.

Ditto. :)


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