[Foundation] statement from the Board

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Aug 1 12:55:35 CDT 2003

The Board of Directors of the Jabber Software Foundation has agreed 
on the following statement:


August 1, 2003

The JSF Board of Directors recognizes the concerns among some members of
the Jabber community that led to the recent proposal to remove the word
"Jabber" from the name of the organization. These include:

   1. The desire to have an IM protocol, logos, compliance testing
   suites and marks, etc. that are not "encumbered" by the JABBER name,
   since that name is also used in the company name of Jabber, Inc.
   2. The desire to capitalize on standardization of the IM protocol
   developed by the Jabber community within the IETF's Applications
   Area under the name of XMPP.
   3. The need for clearer communication of the fact that the JSF
   is fully distinct from Jabber Inc.
   4. The need to complete the transfer of the JABBER trademark
   to the JSF.

These concerns are legitimate. Indeed, even some members of the Board
voted for the name change. However, the fact that the name change
proposal was rejected does not mean that these concerns should not be
addressed. Addressing them is not only the right thing to do, but we
believe it will also help to lessen some of the existing tensions within
the community and create a structure in which everyone can contribute
and work together in building the protocol as well as associated
technologies, networks, and the community itself.

Obviously much could be done to address these concerns: acceleration of
the trademark transfer work accomplished by the Board over the last 12
months, renaming of JEP-0073, improved wording on the JSF website, and
perhaps a different JSF logo. Those efforts are all valuable and should
be pursued. Above and beyond those efforts, the Board has concluded that
we need a framework for harnessing the contributions and energies of
those who for whatever reason are not comfortable with the Jabber
branding of the JSF. Ideally, such a framework should help to address
the core concerns of some community members, as well as capitalize on
the community's standardization efforts within the IETF.

The proposed framework is as follows:

   1. Inaugurate a website at xmpp.org devoted exclusively to
   documentation of XMPP-based protocols for instant messaging and
   2. These protocols would include both relevant output from the
   IETF's XMPP WG and IM protocols developed through the JSF's
   normal standards process (e.g., multi-user chat and file
   3. Define a compliance testing program and certification
   mark for the XMPP protocols.
   4. Provide a directory of XMPP applications, software
   companies, and service providers.
   5. Enable sponsors to support only the JSF's xmpp.org
   activities if desired.

The task of working out the details of such a framework will be pursued
by a dedicated working group within the JSF that will be led by a member
of the Board of Directors. Those details might include issues such as
organizational structure, protocol naming, branding for XMPP vs. Jabber,
and standards processes. The Board will resolve to create such a working
group if consensus can be reached on the proposed framework.

Thank you.

The Jabber Software Foundation Board of Directors:

Michael Bauer (Chair)
Tony Bamonti
Ryan Eatmon
Jeremie Miller
Marco Palombi 


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