[Foundation] Controversial?

Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Wed Aug 13 02:11:16 CDT 2003

Hi members,

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Ok, this can be somewhat risky and quite somewhat controversial. I think
jabber should develop on. We have a very good instant messaging
protocol, some issues are still in development (like pubsub and message
reliability), but are definitely on the right track.

But i have a real proposal - add video and audio streams - and add it
now and not in a year. i have no jep at hand yet, but this is definitely
a must. other instant messaging services are under development and will
clearly be as good as jabber sooner or later - but all of these miss one
feature: video and audio through server. h323 for example is definitely
not very firewall friendly, endpoints have to 'see' each other.

Now jabber could fill this gap and move forward to embed video and audio
streams into the protocol and into the server/client (not p2p)
environment. Good and work proven server implementations exist, as do
good jabber clients! Why is jabber not moving? 'Cause we jabber too much.

This enhancement clearly is required - it will open up big gates.

Maybe some key questions: Should jabber incorporate video and audio
streams into an existing connection? Should there be a taskforce of
jabberoos taking care of this? Does all this make sense? Or should
jabber simply stay the good old xml messaging and presence protocol?

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Ulrich B. Staudinger
email: us at die-horde.de
jid: uls at jabber.org

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