[Foundation] new members

Jeffrey Ricker ricker at trans-enterprise.com
Sat Feb 1 18:13:20 CST 2003

I am certainly thrilled to be accepted as a member. The team at 
Trans-enterprise has been pushing the Jabber/XMPP message forward to 
large corporations and organizations. The potential of this technology 
has barely been tapped. I look forward to working with you all.

Jeffrey Ricker
ricker at trans-enterprise.com

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>Official voting results are now available (see today's meeting log [1] for
>details). The following individuals have been accepted for membership in
>the JSF:
>Joe Breeden 
>Dougal Campbell 
>JD Conley 
>Ciro D'Elia 
>Sebastian Deckers
>Francesco Delfino 
>Jason Frankel 
>Alexander Gnauck 
>Mikhail Ivanov 
>Sebastien Migniot 
>Adrian Rapa 
>Jeffery Ricker
>Marshall Rose 
>Alexey Shchepin 
>Matt Tucker 
>Reece Webb 
>Mattias Wimmer
>Welcome! I'd appreciate it if you could say hi and tell us what you are
>working on or interested in.
>The following JSF members have missed the last 3 votes and will be
>automatically purged from the membership list after I send this email
>(however, you're of course welcome to apply for membership again in
>Bill Abbas
>Simon Guindon
>Haohua Xu
>Before these elections we had 74 members. With the addition of 17 new
>members and the removal of 3 existing members, we now have 88 members. In
>addition <http://www.jabber.org/members/memberlist.php> is now up to
>date (if you errors, please let me know).
>Peter Saint-Andre
>Jabber Software Foundation
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