[Foundation] Open Source Convention Call

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Sat Feb 15 15:17:41 CST 2003

Actually, that's Saturday, Feb 15 (today)   :)

I just submitted 2 Jabber-related proposals: "Jabber & SMTP (email) 
Integration", and "Jabber & Emoticons" (the belated JEP 0038).

<plug type="shameless"> I've also submitted one for my Ransom project at 
http:www.theoretic.com/Ransom </plug>

bauer at michaelbauer.com wrote:

>FYI, if anyone is interested in getting a Jabber track at the O'Reilly 
>Open Source Convention, the deadline for submissions is Friday, February 
>15 (the conference is July 7-11 in Portland and the JSF intends to be 

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