[Foundation] Compliance Team + JIG

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Jan 28 17:48:09 CST 2003

Michael Bauer and I just just chatted IRL about addressing the issue of
opening the Compliance mailing list to non-JSF-members. Fixing this will
require changes to the JSF Bylaws but we need to make these changes anyway
so it's time to "bite the bullet". Here is the proposed solution:


1. JIGs (e.g., the Standards JIG) need to be open to anyone, not just JSF
members. Unfortunately JIGs are not defined this way right now in the
Bylaws, thus the need for a change.

2. We need a new category for working groups that are limited to JSF
members. These are defined in the Bylaws right now as JIGs but for
historical reasons I think it's better to make JIGs public and create a
new category ("Teams") for members-only groups.

I will write the textual adjustments to the Bylaws in order to implement
this change, which all JSF members will need to vote on (probably at an
interim meeting, since it is too late to add items to tomorrow's meeting 
and the next scheduled meeting after tomorrow is in April).


1. We will have an open Compliance JIG that all members of the community
can join (not just JSF members), with a public mailing list. This JIG will
develop test plans, review the code for the testing tools, etc. I expect
that some people from the jdev at jabber.org list will join this JIG. In
order to form this JIG, we need to write a JIG-formation JEP and have the
Council and/or Board approve it. I volunteer to work with Compliance Team
chair Ed Coughlin to write this JEP and get it approved.

2. The current Compliance Team will be limited to JSF members and its
mailing list will not be public. The Team will review actual test data
(which shall not be public) and make decisions regarding things like logos
(in consultation with the Marketing Team). Basically the Compliance Team
will provide direction and make major decisions (read: accountability)
regarding the compliance program. So Compliance Team is to Compliance JIG
as Jabber Council is to Standards JIG. (We could have a similar setup for
marketing, as well.)

Sound good?


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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