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Thu Jan 30 12:40:03 CST 2003

I just wanted to extend my welcome to you, Marshall, and all the new 
Members of the Jabber Software Foundation.  We're proud to count you as 
Members and look forward to working together to take Jabber to the next 

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the organization of the 
JSF (a quick glance at our by-laws might help).  Also, take a peek at the 
JEP (Jabber Enhancement Proposal) process to understand how changes to 
Jabber are proposed and reviewed by the Jabber Council (the technical 
core of the JSF).  Finally, if you're interested, we have two very active 
working teams - for marketing and compliance - within the JSF right now.  
They're always looking for help :)

We'll be publishing an Annual Report soon that should give you all a good 
idea of what we've done in 2002 and what we plan to do in 2003.  If you 
have any questions (either before or after receiving the report) please 
don't hesitate to contact me.  

Again, on behalf of the JSF Board, Welcome!

Michael Bauer
Tony Bamonti
Marco Palombi
Ryan Eatmon
Jeremie Miller

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Marshall Rose wrote:

> > Marshall Rose 
> > ...
> > Welcome! I'd appreciate it if you could say hi and tell us what you are
> > working on or interested in.
> sure. i do two kinds of jabber things:
> first, from time to time, i help out alexey on his jabber client, the
> tcl/tk-based tkabber. i tend to work on some of the os-specific stuff,
> e.g., gpg, idletime, docking.
> second, i help out on progressing xmpp through the ietf process. the
> good news is that xmpp is very close to a lot of good ietf practices!
> /mtr
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