[Foundation] Clarifications On Name Change Proposal

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Tue Jul 1 15:16:43 CDT 2003


> The counterpoint here is that it is your _opinion_ that the cost is a 
> non-factor. Speaking as someone who has been involved with research of 
> names for "things" in the past, I disagree with your opinion.

We've registered a trademark ourselves for around $1K. If you go to 
various websites, that's about the standard fee that people quote. 
Further, I'm still not sure that we'll even want to trademark the new 
org name. It's probably a a job for the team to evaluate the pro's/con's.

> Furthermore, the empirical evidence has been presented that it cost JINC 
> significantly more (on the order of tens of thousands) to "acquire" and 
> research the Jabber name than $1000.

Yeah, unfortunately for Jabber Inc. they had decided on a name, Jabber, 
and *then* had to do whatever it took to acquire it. That's a pretty 
different process than the normal one, which is to choose a name that's 
not already being used. I find it pretty unlikely that the name team 
would recommend a name that would cost us tens of thousands to acquire.

> Note that I'm not asking for cost/benefit analysis -- that's much harder 
> to quantify (although equally welcome). I just want to know how much 
> cold, hard cash we're going to have to outlay in order to perform the 
> deed of a name change.

I think we've done a reasonable job at laying out the out of pocket 
costs based on the line items that people have raised. A few of the 
sponsors have already volunteered to help cover these costs, so the cold 
hard cash outlay by the JSF should be essentially $0.


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