[Foundation] name change proposal

Luis Peralta peralta at aditel.org
Wed Jul 9 16:30:59 CDT 2003

On Wed Jul 09, 2003 at 03:00:58PM -0600, Tony Bamonti wrote:
> The risks of changing the JSF name far outweigh any potential rewards based
> on the evidence put forth.  However, it is important to acknowledge the
> strong opinions of some very active and valuable  JSF and community members.
> With that in mind, I'd like to propose consideration of a compromise
> approach that has already been suggested by a couple of other members.  That
> is, to form a sister organization (or sub-organization) called XMPP.ORG (or
> something equivalent) that would take on the primary charter and activities
> around standardization and evolution of the protocol.   The JSF and XMPP.ORG
> would work under a common incorporation, board and membership structure and
> shared infrastructure.   But XMPP.ORG would have its own web site (and
> domain obviously) and sponsorships and associated donations could be
> dedicated to that part of the foundation by companies that are hesitant to
> support the Jabber movement.   This would allow the JSF to retain its
> community identity and role in education, promotion and advocacy of Jabber
> and still retain a close association with protocol standardization while
> also accommodating those that for whatever reason are disinclined to
> leverage the Jabber brand.

I agree with almost everything you have written. But this last paragraph
spots a clever idea: let XMPP.org be related to standards and the JSF be
related to the user/developer community.

There was a "flamewar" not long time ago about JSF membership: rules to
apply, rights, obligations and so on. Having two separate entities, one
for the protocol and its enhacements and the other one related to
software, developers, users, etc. is, from my point, the way to go, as
it solves most of the problems discussed at that time.

I hope I explained what I meant,
                                          luis peralta / jaxp

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