[Foundation] name change proposal

Stephen Lee srlee at myjabber.net
Thu Jul 10 20:50:45 CDT 2003

>These examples are weak.


We could fight on this one forever you found the articles you wanted I
picked the first 3 I found, we will call this a stale mate as it seems
we won't really accomplish anything here. :-)

Here is something interesting though.. On jabber.org the following page

It would appear as though this page refers to jabber.. But seems to
really be describing a fair chunk of XMPP.

This is were my concern has been, XMPP is what the IETF is all about not
jabber, people will adopt XMPP not jabber.

The reason for the IETF draft as I understand it was so that people
would adopt it because it is a standard, why are we diluting the waters
by trying to hang on to the jabber name and still push forward with

The IETF draft even has XMPP - IM , but we want to still call it jabber,
from a commercial stand point it would seem to me that the XMPP name is
going to mean more to all than jabber will in the future and as I recall
was the reason for starting the XMPP IETF drive....

I don't diagree that there are extensions that could be added, but
jabber doesn't seem like the right word for these extensions.

>From another post...

>As to the current naming question: I think that there are very few
people >on this list who don't see the trade-offs we have to make here.
On the one >hand, we have the momentum and emotional attachment to the
name that has >gotten us this far; on the other hand, we have the
goodwill of a good >number of the commercial Jabber developers.

>We'll discuss it, we'll vote, and then we'll be done.

Well said!

And one final note, stpeter, I read a fair amount of frustration in your
email, I want you to know that you among all has done more to hold this
together than anyone else and like anything new there are lots of
growing pains. I also thing combining the stadards list and jdev is not
a good idea. Past that you gave some food for thought and I'll take some
time to absorb it somemore.

Sorry was a little long, but got behind and didn't want to post 5 times.


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