[Foundation] Whats in a Name?

Harold Gottschalk heg at imissary.com
Sun Jul 13 23:19:17 CDT 2003

I have stayed away from the issue of a name change since the day when I
brought it up at our formation.

I have been involved with the JSF on a consistent bases during that time
and contributed in ways other than coding, even though I can code.  

IMissary's original existence is due to Jabber as it focused me on the
opportunities of IM.  I was not interested in IM, but in using Jabber
for Application to Application communication.  When I created IMissary
the boom of the Internet was still in motion, no one was sure then if it
was a leak or an unpatchable hole, we know now it was an unpatchable
leak.  I backed off on my dreams of a super IM system and found some low
hanging fruit for me to survive with until the tech boom recovers.

I know that Jabber has value today in its name, to some people in the
community it is unfortunate that Jabber Inc. has the same name.  Jabber
Inc. is responsible for the existence of JSF and its support over the
last 2 years.  They have been willing to work with the community to
provide us the licensing of the name Jabber.  They have been good
stewards and have consistently shown that to the community.

I believe that what we must do as a community is to make it clear what
the differences are between Jabber and XMPP.  We should put in place a
team dedicated to clearing up the confusion that currently exist and to
provide other commercial entities with a more level playing field.  We
should also change an attitude that commercial entities are a pariah and
welcome commercial companies in the community other than in allowing
them to join and sponsor the JSF.

I am against the name change personally, any company or individual that
believes that their success is based on this name change has a larger
issue to deal with then changing the name.  You are finding excuses for
your current failings in marketing your own products.

To answer my own question their is nothing in the name except how you
choose to perceive it.  Look at the positive instead of the negative.


P.S. My opinions are my own, I am in favor of mutual cooperation between
our members.

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