[Foundation] proxy voting now open

Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Mon Jul 21 04:35:54 CDT 2003

Is memberbot still running???

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>Proxy voting via memberbot is now available for the name change 
>"referendum" and also the membership applications received between
>July 1 and July 10. Send a message to memberbot at jabber.org (should 
>be in your roster) and vote away. Also, I've fixed the application 
>pages at http://www.jabber.org/members/apps0307/ so that the links
>work correctly.
>Proxy voting will be available until 16:00 UTC on Wednesday, July 30
>(i.e., one hour before the rescheduled meeting).
>Let me know if you experience any problems in voting.


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