[Foundation] REMINDER: proxy voting + meeting

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at myjabber.net
Tue Jul 29 11:44:47 CDT 2003

Hi Peter,

is there a way to know if memberbot counted my votes. Because i had some
problems with memberbot during the voting. There were delays sometimes.
And some questions i had to answer twice. I think lost messages or s2s


Alexander Gnauck
slts Communications
mailto:gnauck at myjabber.net

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> There are 24 hours left in proxy voting on members and the name change
> referendum. All current JSF members are eligible to vote and only 57
> have voted so far, so feel free to poke memberbot in the next 24 hours
> if you want to vote.
> Also, voting results will be announced at tomorrow's official meeting,
> which will be held at 17:00 UTC in the
> foundation at conference.jabber.org room.
> Thanks.
> Peter

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