[Foundation] membership accounting

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Jul 30 16:17:35 CDT 2003

As a result of the membership elections, all existing members who
re-applied were accepted. In addition, the follow new members were

Lukasz Karwacki
Jacek Konieczny
Nicholas Perez (returning member)
Michail Pishchagin
Mike Prince
Bart van Bragt
Haohua Xu

The following existing members did not re-apply:

John Draughn
Ivan Judson
Brian Lauer
Greg Leblanc
Glenn MacGregor
Justin Mecham
Benoit Orihuela
Stephen Pendleton
Jim Powell
Talli Somekh
Guenther Starnberger
Mike Szczerban
Adam Theo
Oliver Wing

The following member has missed three consecutive votes and therefore
will be removed from the membership:

Reece Webb

As a result of the foregoing changes, the JSF now has 81 members.

The company with the most members is Jabber Inc., which has 10 members
(including Thomas Muldowney and me, who are paid by Jabber Inc. to work
on the JSF, jabber.org, open source, and our standards efforts).
Section 2.1 of the JSF Bylaws states that no more than 15% of the
membership may be employed by any one company (i.e., no more than 12
people at our current membership level); thus Jabber, Inc. does not
exceed that threshold at this time. Further changes in the number of 
members or in employment status may of course trigger invocation of the 
rule from Section 2.1 of the Bylaws, and I will monitor that as usual.

If you see any errors in my accounting of the membership changes, or in
the member list at <http://www.jabber.org/members/memberlist.php>, let 
me know.

I have added the new members to this list. If you are a new member,
please introduce yourself.

I shall now remove from this mailing list all members who did not
re-apply, as well as Reece Webb for missing three consecutive votes.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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