Meta-discussion (was Re: [Foundation] name change proposal)

Iain shigeoka iain at
Mon Jun 30 16:20:01 CDT 2003

I think that any reasonable changes can be incorporated. What did you 
have in mind? We're definitely interested in discussing the proposal 
and if useful, changing it before the final vote. I believe there is a 
limit on when vote items can be changed since we can't be changing 
what's being voted on while people are voting on it. Did you have 
anything specific in mind?


On Monday, Jun 30, 2003, at 13:03 US/Pacific, Evan Prodromou wrote:

>>>>>> "PS" == Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at> writes:
>     PS> Naturally, open discussion may result in alternative
>     PS> proposals or different solutions to the perceived problem that
>     PS> is outlined in the proposal. Such solutions are to be
>     PS> welcomed, and it would benefit us all to think of solutions
>     PS> that are not "either/or" but "both/and" if possible.
> My parliajabbery knowledge not being what they could be, I have to
> ask: what would be the process for this? Will the current proposal go
> to a vote as it stands, no matter what, or are there chances to amend
> it before it goes up for a vote?
> ~ESP
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