[Foundation] Clarifications On Name Change Proposal

Russell Davis rkdavis at burninghorse.com
Mon Jun 30 23:16:57 CDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 23:49, Matt Tucker wrote:

> I would argue that the costs of *not* making a name change would be far 
> more exorbitant in terms of lost sponsors, lowered effectiveness as a 
> standards body, etc. In any case, I think a reasonable estimate for name 
> change expenses would be a few hundred dollars to $1K. I can't speak for 
> other sponsors, but Jive Software would be willing to pick up some of 
> these expenses.

i can chew your 1 grand up right away when you add the required searches
and due diligence to the mix.

http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/ac/qs/ope/fee20030101.htm (scroll
towards the bottom) 

and that's just on tm issues. 

note: i have no problems with the name change proposal and as an
individual am indifferent either way but this is going to get expensive
and unless we have firm garentees of specific monetary amounts to
underwrite this, the JSF bank account could start to look anemic.

bst rgrds

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