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Tue Mar 4 11:55:49 CST 2003

yes, let's do that.  and quickly!

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> OK, folks, we received *way* more logo contest entries (85+) than I
> thought we would (15?). This makes choosing a winner more complicated.
> However, I think you'll find that many of the entries simply are not
> contenders -- they are uninteresting or just plain ugly. In the interest
> of sparing the full membership the time-consuming task of wading through
> all 85+ entries, I would like to propose the following process:
> 1. The Marketing Team (led by Iain Shigeoka) will review all the entries
> and create a "short list" of finalists -- probably no more than a dozen.
> They will do this by March 13.
> 2. Iain and I will contact all the finalists on March 14 and request any
> necessary changes to their entries. Finalists will have 1 week to tweak
> their entries (e.g., to adjust the wording or provide correct formats).
> 3. The full JSF membership will vote on the finalists between March 22 and
> March 31.
> 4. The winner will be announced at the regular JSF discussion on April 2.
> Any objections?
> Peter
> P.S. You may be wondering who this "Marketing Team" is. There is no set
> membership on this team, but I think going forward there should be. Right
> now there are 15 people on the marketing at jabber.org list but only a subset
> of those folks have been active on the list or in the weekly meetings. I
> will defer to Iain to determine who should be on the team and therefore
> have the responsibility of culling through the entries (not that it's
> going to be fun...). If you really want to get involved, join the mailing
> list at <http://www.jabber.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/marketing> and
> speak up.
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