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Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Fri Mar 7 02:15:51 CST 2003

Again, I was not attempting to imply that St. Peter is a (mindless) 
drone (Mechanical in nature?  Perhaps.  He's a bit of a machine after 
all) but I still don't approve of any whittling.  Too many good entries 
have been left out.  I propose (probably already proposed) that people 
still get 6 votes, to place on whatever they like, but that they be 
allowed to vote on all entries or a zero or something if they think they 
all suck.

Russell Davis wrote:
> shawn, not to deny your right to say what you feel but i do feel that a
> little more thought in your phrasing would have gone a long way. there
> is such a thing as tact, diplomacy and ettiquette :) (spelling is also
> marked but i'm the biggest offender on that one)
> I don't personally like the choices made as to the finalists and that is
> why i've made my two previous posts, but i do thank the people who made
> the hard choices and whittled down the 96 to 6
> I think things were hurried alittle and we can still afford to slowdown
> a little and follow the original contest rules a teeny bit closer as it
> is not life or death that we have a new logo in the OSCON brochure
> and once again in my personal opinion i'm not keen on any of the
> finalist, i can live with two if i really have to and majority rule
> applies anyway but i really do that stpeter et al for doing the job of
> weeding out the flotsum from the jetsom
> bst rgrds
> Russell Davis
> jid: ukscone at burninghorse.com
> email: ukscone at burninghorse.com
> On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 02:42, Shawn Wilton wrote:
>>I'll second that one.  I personally think that a lot of good logos were 
>>left out of the list in the first place.  Thanks to the drones for 
>>picking out the ones they like, but how about the rest of the community 
>>as well?
>>Russell Davis wrote:
>>>I know marketing would really like to get this all cut and dried intime 
>>>to get the logo into the OSCON brochure but is this really something we
>>>want to hurry just for that? We have lived with the current graphic
>>>representations of the JSF for sometime  now and one brochure at one
>>>event even if it is OSCON isn't going to create an overnight
>>>"brandawareness" that is set in stone. So I suggest that we add one
>>>further option to memberbot, the option to say none of the above and
>>>lets come back to the logo issue in a couple of weeks after we have been
>>>fair and given all entrants a chance to revamp their entries as we
>>>originally planned to do.
>>>bst rgrds
>>>Russell Davis
>>>jid: ukscone at burninghorse.com
>>>email: ukscone at burninghorse.com
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