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Russell Davis rkdavis at burninghorse.com
Fri Mar 7 16:32:21 CST 2003


when you made your call to help whittle down the entries I was obviously
didn't read it carefully enough as it seemed to indicate that the
MARKETING bods would do the whittleing

case in point:

[from Peter Saint-Andre's memebers@ post dated Tuesday 4th March 2003]

1. The Marketing Team (led by Iain Shigeoka) will review all the entries
and create a "short list" of finalists -- probably no more than a dozen.
They will do this by March 13.

[from Peter Saint-Andre's members@ post dated Wednesday 5th March 2003]

1. The JSF Marketing Team will create a list of finalists by the end of
the day tomorrow (March 6).

nowhere in either post do I see anything about volunteers or input from

I'll accept whatever logo is declared the winner as we are nominally a
democratic group and majority rules but i will in all certainty be
"spoiling" my ballot paper on wednesday so as not to be counted as not

bst rgrds

On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 16:33, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Thanks for the input/feedback/flames. A few quick comments (I'm not
> supposed to be working today but here I am):
> 1. I posted about the process (Marketing Team to whittle down the list,
> everyone invited to help) and no one complained. After that process, some
> folks (who didn't volunteer to help) didn't like the results. You had your
> chance, tough luck. If y'all really don't like the winner, we can always
> have a vote of the membership and start another logo contest. We have an
> official meeting once a quarter and you can always add agenda items. Or
> people can call for a special meeting. It's all in the Bylaws.
> 2. Yes, memberbot was down for a while -- seems to have crashed after I
> crashed last night. It's back up now and you should be able to vote. If
> you can't vote, poke me off-list.
> 3. No, we're not changing the voting process now for write-in votes and so
> on. We don't change voting processes while voting is going on, as the
> results cannot be trusted and some folks want to vote over again and it's
> a royal pain for no significant gain.
> Sorry for not being more understanding, but I'm *tired*.
> Keep those cards and letters coming! ;)
> Peter
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