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Stephen Lee srlee at myjabber.net
Fri Mar 7 18:14:49 CST 2003

Could someone explain to me how Shawn got flamed and this one didn't?
seems just as rude...

This process seems to be rushing ahead way faster than it should for a
logo that is suppose to represent the foundation for years to come.

I admit that I should have responded to this long before now, but as
st.peter has admitted sometimes it is tough to review this stuff in a
timely manor. As we all know we hold full time jobs and try and keep up
with the foundation email. 

I think cooler heads should prevail, and I also thing it would be a wise
choice to slow this down and make sure the logo that the members are
picking is the right one to represent the foundation for years to come.

I must also apologies as it seems I missed were it would be decided on
the fact that the membership decided that we should not have the option
to vote for none.. Or was this a council decision?

I agree with many that have posted that several logos were dropped that
were as good if not better than the final ones presented to the
foundation membership.

My thoughts ...


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Thanks for the input/feedback/flames. A few quick comments (I'm not
supposed to be working today but here I am):

1. I posted about the process (Marketing Team to whittle down the list,
everyone invited to help) and no one complained. After that process,
some folks (who didn't volunteer to help) didn't like the results. You
had your chance, tough luck. If y'all really don't like the winner, we
can always have a vote of the membership and start another logo contest.
We have an official meeting once a quarter and you can always add agenda
items. Or people can call for a special meeting. It's all in the Bylaws.

2. Yes, memberbot was down for a while -- seems to have crashed after I
crashed last night. It's back up now and you should be able to vote. If
you can't vote, poke me off-list.

3. No, we're not changing the voting process now for write-in votes and
so on. We don't change voting processes while voting is going on, as the
results cannot be trusted and some folks want to vote over again and
it's a royal pain for no significant gain.

Sorry for not being more understanding, but I'm *tired*.

Keep those cards and letters coming! ;)


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation http://www.jabber.org/people/stpeter.php

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