[Foundation] voting update

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Mon Mar 10 13:54:29 CST 2003

Will the finalists need to make sure they have the neccessary graphics 
to meet the O'Reilly guidelines if/when approved by the membership?

In particular (from the meeting):

[12:25] <stpeter> on graphics, we need the following: (1) 300 DPI .ps, 
.tiff, or .eps for print
[12:25] <stpeter> (2) 72 DPI gif or jpg for web
[12:25] <stpeter> 140 x 140 max, white background

-David Waite

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>I just got off the phone with the conference coordinator at O'Reilly. He
>informs me that if we send our logo to them by March 19 or 20, they will
>be able to squeeze our logo in. So, in order to give us the maximum amount
>of time to choose the logo contest winner, and in order to meet all the
>requirements of Section 3.4 of the Bylaws, we are going to once again but
>for the last time change the process.
>1. Proxy voting via memberbot will continue through Wednesday, March 19.
>And of course, discussion can continue on this list while we debate the
>2. We will hold an official meeting of the members on March 20 @ 18:00 UTC
>in foundation at conference.jabber.org in order to accept any in-meeting
>votes and then to validate the results, thus completing the logo selection
>process. This email is the official 10 days' notice of that meeting.
>The consensus in the open, publicly-announced Marketing meeting just ended
>[1] was that this will provide enough time to discuss and vote on the
>finalists, yet still meet our deadline with O'Reilly.
>Peter Saint-Andre
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