[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Matt Mankins mankins at media.mit.edu
Thu May 22 10:40:45 CDT 2003

Perhaps a better example than Apache Software foundation would be The Free
Software Foundation.  The FSF doesn't really produce software either -- it
raises funds for free software and promotes awareness of free software.

Standards is such a heavy word.  It makes me run.


On Thu, 22 May 2003, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Since we haven't had a good controversy on this list in at least a week,
> I figured I'd stir things up again. As you may know, Tony Bamonti and I
> have been working to recruit sponsors for the JSF. When we describe what
> the JSF does, sponsors (as well as journalists and the general public) 
> often find it confusing that we're the Jabber Software Foundation but 
> we don't create or distribute software (in the way that, say, the Apache
> Software Foundation does). Instead, what the JSF does is manage and 
> promote the Jabber protocol, thus setting standards for use by the 
> Jabber community. So I'm thinking it might be easier to communicate our 
> mission if JSF stood for "Jabber Standards Foundation".
> Thoughts?
> Peter

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