[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Constantin Nickonov Nickonov at jabber.com
Thu May 22 12:39:04 CDT 2003

Is it correct to say that the IETF will be in charge of the Jabber
protocol/standards, i.e., XMPP? The Jabber Standards Foundation would then
be playing second fiddle -- and, because of its name, not be charged with
anything else.

I like the current, vague JSF name. And I doubt that people often infer all
of an organization's roles from its name. Look at IBM -- they make business
machines (internationally)... seems to have worked out pretty well for them.
Getting too caught up in semantics is probably not the best use of the
foundation's time, especially given the momentum behind the current acronym
and its expanded meaning.

And the JSF does put out software. Who among us hasn't used PSA's memberbot?

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> Hell yea!
> This has always bothered me, but I've not bothered to bring 
> it up for risk
> of starting a controversy or flame war, and also because I 
> just assumed
> the name was set in stone and no-one on the Board would be 
> interested in
> the change. I think Jabber Standards Foundation not only accurately
> depicts the JSF in every way, but I don't think the vast majority of
> people would find it too intimidating or scary.
> > Since we haven't had a good controversy on this list in at 
> least a week,
> > I figured I'd stir things up again. As you may know, Tony 
> Bamonti and I
> > have been working to recruit sponsors for the JSF. When we 
> describe what
> > the JSF does, sponsors (as well as journalists and the 
> general public)
> > often find it confusing that we're the Jabber Software 
> Foundation but
> > we don't create or distribute software (in the way that, 
> say, the Apache
> > Software Foundation does). Instead, what the JSF does is manage and
> > promote the Jabber protocol, thus setting standards for use by the
> > Jabber community. So I'm thinking it might be easier to 
> communicate our
> > mission if JSF stood for "Jabber Standards Foundation".
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