[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu May 22 13:26:09 CDT 2003


> My personal opinion is that we have not gotten the traction needed
> because we do not have a reference piece of software.  I would hope one
> day we move away from just this notion of being a standards organization
> and produce an piece of software that we are willing to stand behind.

I'd argue that the best role for the JSF in this respect is to lead 
compliance test development so that many implementations can be created 
and guaranteed to be interoperable. We'll never have success by trying 
to create a standard IM server (ala Apache) when there isn't a standard 
IM protocol. Creating an environment for open IM protocol development 
seems much more important then.

> I am of the opinion that the reason it has been driven as a standard org
> is due to the fact of Jabber, Inc is selling Jabber software and not to
> take sales away from Jinc.  Jinc did create the foundation, Jinc
> personnel wrote and design the foundation not to compete with them.
> They had the right to create what they wanted, but now it is our choice
> to continue down that road or not.  I would prefer to not go down that
> road at all!  The board is still made up of a majority of individuals
> that have worked or are working for Jabber Inc.

I think this is a good argument for removing the word "Jabber" from the 
name of our organization. However, I don't see anything nefarious about 
JINC's contributions to the JSF. In fact, the opposite -- their 
contributions have truly helped to form an open IM protocol and they 
should continue to be greatly admired by the community for doing so. 
However, the next step of the JSF evolution means that we need to 
separate ourselves from JINC more as time goes on (a name change being a 
good way to do that). I believe this will end up being a good thing for 
everyone, including JINC.


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