[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Stephen Lee srlee at myjabber.net
Thu May 22 14:04:17 CDT 2003

I have to agree with heg and from
http://www.jabber.org/people/interviews/marco.php it would appear as
though this has been brought up before.

The other problem is obvious in reading any articles on Jabber, they may
start by talking about the JSF but by the end they are referring to

The jabber 1.42 server is what people look at when they are evaluating
XMPP. It's time that the foundation stood behind the software that they
are suppose to be promoting. I always thought it was a little odd that
jabber.org would run an s2s component from jinc... Isn't this a little
like the apache group saying our software is junk so we run IIS ? 

What happened to the core guys that were developing the jabber 1.4
server anyway?

I also notes a conversation about the v2 server and how no one worked on
the current server anymore in favor of this.. Is this not what get's MS
all the flames?

You asked....

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I am against this change 200%.  

My personal opinion is that we have not gotten the traction needed
because we do not have a reference piece of software.  I would hope one
day we move away from just this notion of being a standards organization
and produce an piece of software that we are willing to stand behind.

I am of the opinion that the reason it has been driven as a standard org
is due to the fact of Jabber, Inc is selling Jabber software and not to
take sales away from Jinc.  Jinc did create the foundation, Jinc
personnel wrote and design the foundation not to compete with them. They
had the right to create what they wanted, but now it is our choice to
continue down that road or not.  I would prefer to not go down that road
at all!  The board is still made up of a majority of individuals that
have worked or are working for Jabber Inc.


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> Since we haven't had a good controversy on this list in at
> least a week, I figured I'd stir things up again. As you may 
> know, Tony Bamonti and I have been working to recruit 
> sponsors for the JSF. When we describe what the JSF does, 
> sponsors (as well as journalists and the general public) 
> often find it confusing that we're the Jabber Software Foundation but 
> we don't create or distribute software (in the way that, say, 
> the Apache Software Foundation does). Instead, what the JSF 
> does is manage and 
> promote the Jabber protocol, thus setting standards for use by the 
> Jabber community. So I'm thinking it might be easier to 
> communicate our 
> mission if JSF stood for "Jabber Standards Foundation".
> Thoughts?
> Peter
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