[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu May 22 15:31:50 CDT 2003


> I believe that we are close to having an Open protocol that can be used
> to establish an Open IM protocol and then create tools similar to
> Apache.

I agree with Tony here and believe that the most important role of the 
JSF is to drive the protocol and a community that is a mix of commercial 
and open source people. Please keep in mind that I'm from a company that 
has a commercial XMPP solution, though. :)

I do believe that jabberd is important to the protocol, though. For 
example, jabberd could play a large role in compliance testing as a 
reference implementation. That would create an important role for it in 
the JSF while still keeping others that implement the protocol happy. 
Personally, I wouldn't want to see the JSF play a direct role in 
developing client or server software, though.

> I meant no disrespect for JINCs contribution nor implied they are or
> ever did anything nefarious.  They are focused on their own objectives
> is what I had implied.

I apologize -- I didn't mean to put any words in your mouth and I agree 
with you.

> But a name change away from Jabber is extremely unlikely with the
> current administration of the JSF. IMO

I don't think it's all that unlikely if we're able to make good 
arguments and form a consensus. A few people have made some arguments in 
support of the change, so it would good to get perspective from people 
that are against it.


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