[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu May 22 17:35:35 CDT 2003


Perhaps you could address my specific rebuttals to Matt's points?

> But I am compelled to remind the membership that
> Jabber, Inc. is proactively working with the JSF towards eventual transfer
> of the mark to the Foundation.   Legal agreements have been executed by both
> parties outlining the terms, procedures and schedules for accomplishing
> this.

Again, this doesn't matter. It's of no consequence whether the Jabber 
trademark is unenforceable as Matt believes, or whether JINC transfers 
the trademark. The fact remains that:

  1) Jabber Inc is a commercial entity that uses the word Jabber to 
promote its business. This is perfectly fine, but it does mean that no 
other commercial entities want to use the word Jabber.

  2) There is already significant confusion in the marketplace over the 
difference between Jabber and XMPP and even the fact that "Jabber" means 
open protocol rather than commercial company. There's no reason the JSF 
should perpetuate this.


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