[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu May 22 21:27:37 CDT 2003


> You have to because thats your job if you want to sell your software 
> over JInc's implementation, even if the protocol wasn't called jabber 
> what's so wrong with the question "Why should I choose your software 
> over JInc's software?" any self respecting buyer of Jabber/XMPP software 
> should be asking those sort of questions, its what you do.

Yep, I totally agree. Our company is a relatively small one, so we love 
open standards. Open standards provied a level playing field where 
buyers get to evaluate all the different products in a much better way. 
My beef is that there isn't a level playing field with respect to the 
term "Jabber" when it is used as the name of the protocol. Going back to 
the specific example I cited in a previous email -- I had a customer 
question why they wouldn't use the JInc server since the name of the 
protocol is Jabber, and this was for a vertical solution that the JInc 
server simply wouldn't work for. That's a frustrating situation.

> Here's a question for you, other than to make your life easier making 
> sales why should we remove all references to "Jabber" the established 
> and most well known name for our protocol/system?

The answer is that we all want to see this protocol succeed. To do that, 
we need a level playing field for everyone participating in the 
community. Otherwise, companies will play a much smaller role in the JSF 
or will simply choose another standard to adopt.


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