[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu May 22 23:57:39 CDT 2003


I think we're coming at this at different angles. I believe that XMPP is 
the terminology that the rest of the world is going to adopt. Therefore, 
I worry that the JSF will become less and less relevant over time 
without a name change. Companies will simply not continue to use the 
term "Jabber" when there is a viable alternative.

I also still don't buy the argument that Jabber has all that great of 
branding as an open IM standard. I pointed out two specific instances in 
a previous email where the branding was actually negative, and I think 
that all of the confusion on the part of customers that I and others 
have reported is at least worth something.

> In this [digression of the original] discussion, I think that we agree
> that there's a concept of "jabber", and that we all want to promote this
> concept in the best way we can.

It's not nearly that nebulous. We want to promote the XMPP protocol and 
the extensions to that protocol that we develop through the JEP process.

> [does Jabber.com have an advantage calling the concept "jabber"?]
> This question: "does calling the concept jabber give unfair advantage to
> jabber.com?" has an answer that starts out as "yes, some" at t=0 and as
> t->infinity looks more and more like NO. 

At t->infinity, if there is a JInc then I still can't use the term 
"Jabber" commercially.

> Top down control of "jabber" doesn't exist from Jabber.com.  Jabber may be
> shepherded partially by Jabber.com, but its breadth and community activity
> have given it--the concept--a life of its own.

What the heck does this have to do with the term "Jabber"? Strip away 
the name and we still have:

  1) The protocol we all love.
  2) The great community that has made the protocol happen.
  3) A level playing field for all those that are involved in the community.
  4) A better chance at crafting a message to the outside world that 
XMPP is the best protocol and that they should use our extensions to it.


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