[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Evan Prodromou evan at prodromou.san-francisco.ca.us
Fri May 23 03:29:28 CDT 2003

>>>>> "MT" == Matt Tucker <matt at jivesoftware.com> writes:

    MT> However, the community and protocol needs to evolve past
    MT> Jabber the company. A very good way to do that is by changing
    MT> the name of the JSF.

I'm just a brand new member, and I don't know much about much, but one
thing I do know is that threads that go on this long rarely come to a
conclusion satisfactory to all parties.

I also think that it's clear that there's not going to be any reasoned
consensus on this issue.

So: I suggest that anyone who has a better name for the JSF propose
such a name change as a motion for the upcoming Special Meeting, and
get the seconds to get it put on the agenda.


Evan Prodromou
evan at prodromou.san-francisco.ca.us

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