[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

johannes.wagener at gmx.net johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Fri May 23 03:56:39 CDT 2003

hi there...
though I have not much time these weeks.

I think it would make sense to rename the JSF to something like the "XMPP
Foundation". XMPP is in fact the word in the mouth of the press talking about
technical things. In articles about IM they might prefere Jabber. Therefor
Jabber (as synonym for IM) is one way to use XMPP. Whatever the JSF should not
only do the Jabber-Chat standarts but all XMPP.

Conclusion: Jabber should be used for the chat systems based on XMPP in
common, XMPP should be used for the standart in general.

Something like
XMPP Foundation - the organisation for Jabber Standarts

as a title for new JSF webpag would match best


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