[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Peter G. Millard me at pgmillard.com
Fri May 23 08:33:36 CDT 2003

Richard Dobson wrote:
>> Honestly, I would take all of these arguments for getting rid of the
>> word "Jabber" a lot more seriously if they weren't only coming from
>> solely commercial sources. These arguments that "the community will
>> grow if we call ourselves the [insert your word here] Software
>> Foundation" fall short of inspiration. I agree that naming is
>> important - -- but getting rid of the name of the COMMUNITY that
>> built this phenomenon seems unwise. Any person who has ever tried to
>> build a community will tell you that changing from an established,
>> known name
>> to something else _will_ hurt community recognition (and likely
>> growth/adoption).
> This is exactly what I have been trying to say but they will not
> listen, removing Jabber from the name of the community may help
> certain companies promote their products over Jabber Inc's but it
> will seriously damage the community and regognition of what we are to
> the outside world IMO. Jabber is here lots of people know about it if
> we get rid of that name ive got a feeling people might think the
> project has gone belly up and failed.

+1... Look at the google results alone... they should be enough of an
indicator (at least IMO) to people where the "brand" is...

Simply put.. With the exception of the IETF, everyone knows this community,
_AND_ the protocol as Jabber, not XMPP.

As has ben pointed out, lots of "joe users" don't even realize that there is
a company called Jabber, Inc. I'm biased of course (since I work for Jabber,
Inc.), but I've been involved with Jabber (as has dizzy) long before there
was a JSF, _AND_ a Jabber, Inc. I would _detest_ to just take the name we've
been using for 5 years and throw it to the wind, just because it makes
marketing products and educating potential customers easier for other
commercial companies.  It sure seems like removing the word "Jabber" just
accomplished two things:
    - Hurts the community by having to rebuild "brand" around the
    - Adds more confusion into the whole naming issue for the press.

There have been other posts which talk about a "level playing field" in the
commercial space, and thats just plain bull IMO. Commercial spaces are
inherently (by definition) competitive. And sure Jabber, Inc. has an
advantage right now because it's been one of the primary players in the
space for a long time (so has Tipic). Does that mean they should get
"punished" for being one of the first commercial jabber companies? That
doesn't seem very fair to me.

+1 for renaming JSF --> "Jabber Standards Foundation".

Our role in the JSF is exactly that.. to control the standard protocol.


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