[Foundation] Use your Energy on something other than a Name Change

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri May 23 12:56:36 CDT 2003

On Fri, May 23, 2003 at 10:13:30AM -0700, Harold E. Gottschalk Jr. wrote:

> Changing the name from Software to Standards does nothing and will not
> clarify anything.  The masses will not know the difference nor be
> enlightened by this change.  The Jabber part will not be removed by the
> current administration so why spend any energy on that point anyhow.
> Let's move on to making people understand us instead of believing a
> fallacy that a name change will do that for us.

You're right, I'm going back to work on the XMPP Internet-Drafts now. :)


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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