[Foundation] End Thread --> JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Sat May 24 11:13:39 CDT 2003


> It seems to me that this argument/discussion is driven by three people 
> who have something significant to gain stirring up discussion that has 
> gone nowhere.

I personally know that the the group is much much larger than that since 
I've been having email conversation with a fair number of people about 
it. This is not a new idea either -- many of us have been talking about 
it for quite some time.

> Until we have a significant body of JSF members that are 
> willing and capable of convincing and providing the necessary financial 
> resources to make a name change happen, shall we just stop the 
> conversation?

So far, two of the JSF sponsoring companies have publically advocated 
for a name change and only one has advocated against. However, I don't 
understand "necessary financial resources"? Why would changing the name 
of the JSF incur additional costs? Is this a veiled threat that JInc 
would lessen it's support for the JSF after a name change? Please be 
clear, as we all obviously want to understand all the ramifications to 
any decision.

> We've all got more important things to attend to, and this entire thread 
> is just eating bandwidth.

Besides the technical work that is happening, I don't think there is any 
more important issue. However, I do agree that it's time to take the 
discussion to the next level. Those of us that believe a name change is 
necessary will create a specific proposal and come back to the 
membership with it for further discussion.

> When/if said body of JSF members emerges, I'd also be interested in some 
> hard proof that the community will grow faster than it has, if we select 
> new name. Until that proof is presented, you will simply not convince me 
> that this is a good idea.

Obviously, "hard proof" will be a hard to come up with, although I and 
others firmly believe it to be true. However, I think that this is also 
a false standard for evaluating the name change. More on this in our 
official proposal.


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