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David Sutton dsutton at legend.co.uk
Sat May 24 17:32:08 CDT 2003

Hello all,

  You go offline for a couple of days and everything goes haywire ..
typical? :)

  Just a random thought or two, whilst I try and catch up on all the

  * From the ones i've read so far, it seems that some people have
    differing views on terms/names and such. From my own point of view,
    I have always seen XMPP as the base protocol, and Jabber was the
    name given to the set of protocols that extend XMPP into the
    featureful IM system that is in use now. The documents we generate
    are 'Jabber Enhancement Protocol' documents. 

  * XMPP could be used for inter-process communcation (for example)
  * whereas many people now associate Jabber with the IM usage of XMPP.
  * One random thought came to mind when someone was comparing
  * SIP/SIMPLE to XMPP/Jabber is that they are very similar in
  * structure, if you perceive the distinction in the previous point.

  * Jabber is definately becoming a very strong brand, and trying to
  * 'reinvent' ourselves will damage some of that. 

  * In my experience, we keep finding ourselves at the point where large
  * discussions take place because sometimes there isn't a good
  * definition of a term that everyone can use to know what we are
  * talking about. A Glossary perhaps?

  I'll end up posting more once I finally catch up, but I just wanted to
get a few points now - apologies if I'm only rehashing previously made



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