[Foundation] The Jabber Software Foundation

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Sat May 24 17:41:35 CDT 2003

I have refrained from this whole discussion while the proponents and 
opponents presented their respective opinions. And in all the reading, 
the opinions remain exactly that: opinions. While there is benefit to 
changing the name of the foundation to reflect a change in its "focus" 
and the standards process that is occurring, I haven't heard any 
compelling reason to change the name. The involvement of commercial 
entities in the foundation should have no more say than their positions 
as members of the foundation.

What is at issue may be a problem in the future, but so far has not been 
one. In discussions, I use the term XMPP to describe the underlying 
protocol, and "Jabber" as the "instant messaging" implementation of the 
XMPP protocol. The organization that manages several different aspects 
of the XMPP protocol happens to have "Jabber" in its name. Like many 
other organizations, the historical name remains long after the 
organization's charter and mission have changed. In many ways, people 
will always associate the "roots" of XMPP (and by extension, Jabber,) 
with the JSF.

If someone can demonstrate to me a concrete case where the confusion 
between the JSF and Jabber, Inc. has caused the foundation harm, then 
present it here. Otherwise, I attribute much more intelligence to the 
users (and future users) of Jabber and XMPP to distinguish between the 
protocol (XMPP) and the foundation who fosters that protocol (JSF).

If this is as important to the foundation as some have stated, let's ask 
Peter to determine how to hold a "referendum" and request the membership 
of the foundation to vote. Otherwise, nothing that has been said in the 
mailing list has persuaded me to support changing the name of the JSF.


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