[Foundation] Name change summary

Iain Shigeoka iain at jivesoftware.com
Sat May 24 22:41:25 CDT 2003

On Saturday, May 24, 2003, at 15:44 US/Pacific, David Sutton wrote:

>   One other little point - many of the discussions seem to revolve
> around the point that Jabber Inc is using the Jabber trademark, so we
> should name ourselves something different (simplistic, i know, but
> basic) With the on-going work to transfer the tm to the JSF, how does
> that argument still hold?

The arguments for and against a name change are all about the branding 
and market value of the name. As I see it, "Jabber" should be 
exclusively the JSF's (and so JINC should change their name), or it 
should be exclusively JINC's, so the JSF should change it's name.

Others don't see a problem (or at least not a serious one) with JINC 
and the JSF sharing "Jabber" in their names.

I don't want to speak for anyone else, but that's my understanding of 
the essential issue. So the TM transfer doesn't really solve the 
problem unless it's part of one or the other change.


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