[Foundation] End Thread --> JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Sun May 25 01:41:09 CDT 2003


> You're jumping to conclusions here.  The implication is distasteful and 
> unwarranted, especially between competitors. Should JINC choose to 
> withdraw support for the JSF over this issue, it would not be due to the 
> value derived from the JSF's name, but from a strong undercurrent of 
> disagreement over the direction the Foundation is going.

I'm sorry, but *you* were the person that implied JInc would potentially 
withdraw support from the JSF due to a name change. I was simply saying 
that nobody wants it to happen and that it would be pretty sad if it did.

> I must confess, I am interested in seeing this proposal. Do you plan to 
> also remove the word "jabber" from the protocol? What about the 
> jabber.org website? What about registering the new DNS names for 
> whatever we call ourselves? What happens to jabberstudio.org? 

What I personally want to see is the following:

  1) The JSF's name should not contain the word Jabber.
  2) Any names of protocols that the JSF designates as official for 
compliance purposes, such as "Jabber IM 1.0 Basic", should not use the 
word Jabber.
  3) Informally, the community can certainly continue to call itself and 
its activities Jabber. It's impossible to regulate this, and Jabber is 
likely too entrenched for it to ever go away. There is a massive 
difference between the term that the general community informally uses 
and what a standards organization tries to promote, though. This is 
essentially the same conversation that was had when "Jabber" was 
submitted as the protocol name to the IETF. They wouldn't go for it 
since it was tied to a commercial company's name, so why would the rest 
of the internet community?

> Honestly, my biggest fear about this entire issue is that "fixing" the 
> problem the you and other companies have promoting Jabber will cause a 
> thousand other issues to arise. I fear that the momentum that the 
> Foundation has, that Jabber/XMPP has, will be lost as we become 
> introspective trying to deal with the confusion over the name change, 
> fragmentation of community (I know some people will leave over this), 
> etc. Please consider the ramifications of this action before taking it.

We're not proposing that everyone step into a machine and have the word 
Jabber erased from their minds. We simply want a fair environment in the 
JSF and protocol terminolgy that the entire internet community can 
legitamately embrace.

We also believe that the exact oppposite to the doom and gloom picture 
you paint will happen -- more individuals and companies will be 
encouraged to join an organization whose name isn't tied to a single 
commercial company. XMPP is already taking off in a huge way and we need 
to position ourselves correctly for that.


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