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Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Sun May 25 20:23:31 CDT 2003

> If this is as important to the foundation as some have stated, let's ask 
> Peter to determine how to hold a "referendum" and request the membership 
> of the foundation to vote. Otherwise, nothing that has been said in the 
> mailing list has persuaded me to support changing the name of the JSF.

There is a meeting of the membership on 11 June at 17:00 UTC. To get an
item submitted for a vote, it must be proposed by at least 5% of the
membership (5 people by my count). Items must be submitted by COB on 30

Personally, I think there's been more than enough discussion on this
topic - there are more than enough arguments on both sides for people to
choose from, and its not hard for those interested to chat with the
people involved to make a choice.

So, if you want a name change, make a motion for it. If you get enough
seconds, it will go to a vote.

(As entertaining as this whole process has been, I'm done with it now ;)


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