[Foundation] Use your Energy on something other than a Name Change

bauer at michaelbauer.com bauer at michaelbauer.com
Sun May 25 20:07:33 CDT 2003

On Fri, 23 May 2003, Harold E. Gottschalk Jr. wrote:

> IMO,
> Changing the name from Software to Standards does nothing and will not
> clarify anything.  The masses will not know the difference nor be
> enlightened by this change.  The Jabber part will not be removed by the
> current administration so why spend any energy on that point anyhow.

The JSF is a membership-based organization.  As such, all major decisions 
about the organization are ultimately decided by a majority of the Members 
of this organization.  The Board serves at the pleasure of the Members and 
is dutifully committed to carrying out the will of the Members.  If the 
Members of this organization deign to change its name, this Board will 
execute that name change on behalf of the Members with alacrity.

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