[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue May 27 19:45:37 CDT 2003

> > > No, this is quite simply impossible. XMPP has already won as the
> > > dominant terminology that will be used by the marketplace -- check out
> > > all recent press activity if you don't agree with me. It's time to
> > > adjust to this reality.
> >
> > You have, as yet, provided no evidence of this.  Someone else posted a
> > link to the google fight sight, where Jabber had -order of magnitude-
> > more hits than did XMPP.  Please, provide some evidence to back up your
> > claim.
> > Greg
> -The IETF is going to call it XMPP
> -Both current and future commercial companies are going to call it XMPP
> (or make up some new terminology), to avoid TM infringement and confusing
> their customers

That is not evidence its still just an opinion. The IETF is calling it XMPP
but as has already been explained (so I wont bother repeating it) XMPP !=
Jabber, XMPP is the base that Jabber is built upon and so Jabber is more
than just simply XMPP.


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