[Foundation] JSF == Jabber Standards Foundation?

Tony Bamonti tbamonti at jabber.com
Wed May 28 12:07:41 CDT 2003

> On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 18:08, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Making good stuff is clearly not the primary point to selling things. 
> Marketing is what sells your product.  The proposal is that 
> Jabber (the
> community) and Jabber, Inc (the corporation) makes marketing 
> for anybody
> other than Jabber, Inc more difficult.  Jabber, Inc doesn't 
> even have to
> explain that there IS a difference between the two Jabber named
> entities, which would propagate the confusion.  Only if Jinc were to
> make education about the differences between Jinc and the Jabber
> community a priority in their marketing would the confusion 
> lessen over
> time.  The only other way to lessen or alleviate this "first glance"
> confusion is for one of the Jabber entities to be called 
> something OTHER
> than jabber.  HTH,
> 	Greg
Associated with working towards transfer of the trademark to the JSF,
Jabber, Inc. IS also going out of its way to educate on the differences
between the Jabber, Inc. and the greater Jabber.   This includes using the
term Jabber in a manner consistent with the guidelines laid out in the tm
licensing and enforcement agreements with the JSF.   We are also currently
working on modifications to our web site and marketing collateral to make
sure that the differences between the broader Jabber technology/community
and the commercial entity are clearly articulated.   

Defining an absolute, concise definition of "Jabber" is almost as difficult
as defining a concise definition of "the Web".   That's because Jabber is so
much more than just a protocol specification and so much more than just an
extension to XMPP.   However, the assertion that it is an overwhelming task
for the JSF, JINC and the Jabber Community to articulate the differences
between JINC and Jabber is a gross exaggeration.   It will be far more
difficult to explain, promote, administer and propogate a name change for
the entire Jabber movement than it will be to clarify the differences
between the movement and a single member of that movement.   Changing the
name of the JSF will fracture and divide the Jabber Community and is far
more risky than the chance that some commercial companies will choose not to
participate as long as there is a company that has Jabber in its name.   

Commercial companies will adopt the best technical solutions available to
meet their needs, and if the JSF does its job, then there will be plenty of
commercial adoption and participation in the JSF's extensions/standards
regardless of the name.      


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