[Foundation] Three New Jabber H20 Rotisseries

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Mon Nov 3 14:44:32 CST 2003

In order to gather more input from the Jabber community, I am 
initiating three H20 rotisseries. Those people who have registered and 
joined the "Council" project will receive notifications when these 
rotisseries begin. The rotisseries will start on Wednesday, 5 November, 
and will have several rounds concluding on Monday, 10 November. These 
rotisseries will be less restrictive than the initial trial, and will 
allow for more discussion.

For those who have not looked at H20 and rotisseries, there is a 
description here:

To register with H20, go here:

The general themes of these rotisseries are:
What is Jabber?
What makes a good IM system?
JEP Statuses: Informational versus Standards-Track versus ????

I hope that all members of the JSF will participate.



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