[Foundation] "Jabber" name again

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Wed Oct 15 11:53:13 CDT 2003

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Journalists are idiots. Feel free to suggest a solution to that problem.
Not nearly all journalists are idiots :D Most journalists just don't 
have the time to research every subject they write about in extreme 
depth and IMO they shouldn't have too. Even for a very interested reader 
it takes quite a bit of effort to get a grasp of the differences between 
Jabber, XMPP, Jabber Inc, jabber.org, etc.

Have been thinking about this too in the last few days, also because of 
the xmpp.org thing last week.

IMO it's almost undoable and quite stupid to rename the JSF. Almost 
no-one knows what XMPP is, if you say 'Jabber' then quite a few people 
know (approximately) what you are talking about.

On the other side it really _is_ a problem that there is a Jabber Inc. 
that is gaining a lot from the overlap in names. Other companies are 
creating products, promoting the Jabber _protocol_ but they end up 
generating revenue for Jabber Inc instead of revenue for themselfs. Yes, 
Jabber Inc. is devoting a lot of time, effort and money in XMPP, the JSF 
and the Jabber protocol and I really appreciate that but on the other 
side Jabber Inc. is creating a problem for companies that want to work 
with Jabber/XMPP and it's generating a _lot_ of confusion.

IMO the only sensible solution is to rename Jabber Inc. to something 
else. Renaming the JSF to something different won't help a bit, people 
will still talk about the 'Jabber protocol' which will continue to point 
to Jabber Inc.

I guess I'm not really making myself popular in the JSF at the moment ;)


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