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Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Wed Oct 15 12:40:45 CDT 2003

But, to signalize i am not a complete dumbhead - i have to remark that 
the time for a name change simply is almost over - too many sites use 
the jabber term already - i.e. swissjabber.ch. it would a hit at the 
forehead of a community to change this.

Ulrich B. Staudinger wrote:

> I guess we should have a look at global player rename campaigns - most 
> of the times a merge between two companies causes the bigger one to 
> change the name of the smaller one.
> It's not simply changing a name - it's a campaign !
> Now if we want to do a campaign for jabber, why not do the dishes 
> perfect and get some ground to jabber inc? (i hope that comes through)
> The campaign has to unite various aspects, with regards to compliance. 
> I think this whole compliance should overlap with marketing. Companys 
> have to be approached - they can use compliance as a trade advantage - 
> but no company wants to be compliant to a "small" open source 
> foundation if there is the bigger brother which does not recognize or 
> mention the compliance - and again we are accessing jabber.com areas.
> This campaign has to be much more - it has to timed - it has to be 
> calculated and has to be controlled. I really want to see a jabber ad 
> with in the next months/year. I don't want to do a plain ad campaign - 
> it has to be bigger if it is to strike people.
> And yes, i agree to Bart, i guess I'm not making myself popular in the 
> JSF at the moment, too.
> Ulrich
> Bart van Bragt wrote:
>> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>> Journalists are idiots. Feel free to suggest a solution to that 
>>> problem.
>> Not nearly all journalists are idiots :D Most journalists just don't 
>> have the time to research every subject they write about in extreme 
>> depth and IMO they shouldn't have too. Even for a very interested 
>> reader it takes quite a bit of effort to get a grasp of the 
>> differences between Jabber, XMPP, Jabber Inc, jabber.org, etc.
>> Have been thinking about this too in the last few days, also because 
>> of the xmpp.org thing last week.
>> IMO it's almost undoable and quite stupid to rename the JSF. Almost 
>> no-one knows what XMPP is, if you say 'Jabber' then quite a few 
>> people know (approximately) what you are talking about.
>> On the other side it really _is_ a problem that there is a Jabber 
>> Inc. that is gaining a lot from the overlap in names. Other companies 
>> are creating products, promoting the Jabber _protocol_ but they end 
>> up generating revenue for Jabber Inc instead of revenue for 
>> themselfs. Yes, Jabber Inc. is devoting a lot of time, effort and 
>> money in XMPP, the JSF and the Jabber protocol and I really 
>> appreciate that but on the other side Jabber Inc. is creating a 
>> problem for companies that want to work with Jabber/XMPP and it's 
>> generating a _lot_ of confusion. 
>> IMO the only sensible solution is to rename Jabber Inc. to something 
>> else. Renaming the JSF to something different won't help a bit, 
>> people will still talk about the 'Jabber protocol' which will 
>> continue to point to Jabber Inc.
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