[Foundation] "Jabber" name again

Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Wed Oct 15 12:34:26 CDT 2003

The best solution to this would be to make JSF an acronym no more and 
merely make it the name.  IBM use to stand for International Business 
Machines, not IBM, is JUST IBM.  I propose we do the same for JSF. 

If the argument is that journalists are idiots, then fine.  Make that 
your argument, but at the same time realize that all the hard work being 
done in this foundation is doing more to promote a company I've come to 
despise than it is to promote a foundation I've come to love.

-Shawn Wilton

Justin Karneges wrote:

>Hi all,
>I know the whole Jabber name issue has been beaten to death, but I was struck 
>by the use of the term in the following article (which is also mentioned on 
>the jabber.org front page).
>  http://news.zdnet.co.uk/software/applications/0,39020384,39117160,00.htm
>"Jabber this", "Jabber that", and all meaning to refer to Jabber, Inc.  There 
>is a brief mention of the Jabber Software Foundation, but I think the casual 
>reader would have a hard time understanding the differences between these 
>I don't necessarily think that the JSF should have a name change, and indeed 
>we already had a vote and there is nothing more to discuss there.  However, I 
>think we can still improve the situation with better marketting.  _We_ know 
>the differences between Jabber Inc and the JSF, so can we please beat up some 
>journalists so that these organizations are accurately reflected?  In 
>particular, the JSF should get a lot more airtime than it currently does...
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