[Foundation] "Jabber" name again

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Oct 16 03:47:24 CDT 2003

> Avoiding the word jabber is difficult. it's viral marketing - if you
> talk about instant messaging in xml, one usually uses the term jabber.
> However i think the term XMPP should be used, similar to Pop and SMTP or
> IMAP. Many non english natives understand 'java' if i say 'jabber' -
> xmpp is much clearer.

But normal people dont use the words SMTP, POP or IMAP when describing email
do they?? They always use the word e-mail, I think this is the same case
here with the XMPP vs Jabber name argument, XMPP might be the base protocol
but Jabber is what people (and I personally think that they should) call the
overall platform/system. Another example is AIM, people dont go around
calling it OSCAR which is the name of its protocol, they call it AIM etc.

> my comment to your proposal is clear:
> use JSF instead of jabber software foundation
> use XMPP when talking about protocol issues
> use jabber when referring to the company.
> Especially the term JSF would strengthen the JSF to be a good cradle for
> XMPP related open source developments (however, then i have to ask why
> we don't call it XSF and why so many voted against the name change)
> i think the term XMPP will survive longer than jabber - simply because
> XMPP is IETFed and jabber is not.

Sorry but I dont think that will ever be the case, just because XMPP is the
techical term for the base protocol doesnt mean normal people will go around
using it, that will never happen IMO, Jabber is one of those great words
that describes the function nicely and already has a far wider understanding
of what it is than I think XMPP will ever have, I think only people close to
the development of the protocol will know what it is, common folk will use
the term Jabber because it is easier to understand, sounds far cooler, and
its easier to say. As already demonstrated by myself Jabber is the term used
by consumers, as shown in the previously mentioned article (interestingly
containing none of the main problems mentioned by the pro name change camp,
i.e. confusion between Jabber Inc and Jabber, Jabber Inc getting more
exposure than other companies, also XMPP isnt mentioned at all in the


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